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Guide Roller And Spares


Twister guide rollers play a crucial role in rolling mills, especially for guiding and twisting the rolled stock.

RTC-RS Twisting Guides

  • These guides are well-proven for bar and wire rod mills.
  • Features:
    • Cantilever design: Allows the use of rollers with larger diameters and bigger bearings, resulting in longer utilization time and higher load capacity.
    • Visually-controlled rollers: Immediate twisting control.
    • Quick-replacement rollers: Easy maintenance.
    • Central point adjustment: Maintains the perfect centerline through simultaneous and symmetrical roller adjustments.
    • Long-life components: Durable design.
    • Mounting options: Fixed base or cassette-type mounting available.
    • Reduced twisting angle: Twisting point close to the stand minimizes load on bearings.
  • Guide sizes: RTC-1RS, RTC-3RS, RTC-5RS, RTC-7RS, RTC-10RS, RTC-12RS, RTC-15RS, RTC-18RS1.

Roller Guide for Rolling Mill :

  • A series of rollers that determine the angle and direction of the steel as it passes through the rolling mill to the mill roll.
  • Ensures precise guidance and twisting of rolled stock.

Exit Twist Guide :

  • Designed for stability, especially with greater interstand distances.
  • Accommodates plane or profile rolls.
  • Features symmetrical roll gap adjustment and an easily accessible single-point twist angle mechanism.


These guides rollers are essential for maintaining precision and stability during the rolling process