Q U A L I M E C H   E N G I N E E R S   P R I V A T E   L I M I T E D

Guide Roller And Spares


In rolling mills, entry and exit guide rollers play a crucial role in ensuring smooth rolling of the stock. Let’s dive into the details:

1. Entry Guide Rollers:

  • Positioned at the entry side of the rolling mill.
  • Purpose:
    • Guidance : Direct the stock into the roll pass.
    • Alignment : Maintain proper alignment to reduce distortion during rolling.
  • Types :
    • Sliding or Static Guides:
    • Based on sliding friction.
    • Comprise a guide box, opposed blocks, and metal plates.
    • Robust design to withstand the mill environment.
    • Roughing Mill Entry Guides:
    • Fabricated steel design with replaceable wear plates.
    • Substantial wear allowance.
    • Intermediate Mill Entry Guides:
    • Interlocking cast steel halves for rigidity and easy interchangeability.
    • Water-cooled design to remove scale buildup.

Exit Guide Rollers :

  • Positioned at the exit side of the roughing mill.
  • Purpose:
    • Ensure optimum stock delivery from the mill stand.
    • Facilitate smooth transition through mill stands.
  • Design :
    • Two cast steel inserts with integral locking arrangement.
    • Easily mounted and secured for stability.

These guide rollers are essential for maintaining surface quality and stability during the rolling process. If you have more questions, feel free to ask