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Guide Roller And Spares

SLIT Rollers

Slit rolling refers to a rolling process where a billet is split lengthwise into two or more parallel parts using a special roll pass and guide device. These parts have the same cross-sectional shape and are continuously rolled until the finished product is obtained. Slit rolling is particularly useful for producing small-diameter bars efficiently.

1. Process Overview:

  • The billet is initially rolled into multiple parallel parts with the same cross-sectional shape using a specific pass design.
  • Slitting equipment then cuts the billet along its longitudinal direction, resulting in two or more rolled pieces with identical cross-sectional shapes.
  • These pieces continue through the rolling mill until they become the final product.

2. Benefits of Slit Rolling:

  • Economical: Allows high production rates even for small-size bars, reducing production costs.
  • Efficiency: Enables production of multiple bars from a single billet.
  • Energy Savings: Matches reheating furnace capacity while maintaining lower finishing speeds.